Millers Association proposing Mealie-meal price hike

mealie meal
Mealie Meal
Mealie Meal

The Millers Association of Zambia has written to the Government proposing a hike in the price of Mealie-meal owing to the 15 percent increment in the pump price of fuel.

MAZ president Allan Sakala said the 15 percent increase in the price of petroleum products has a direct impact on the prices of Mealie-meal as both farmers and millers will spend more on transportation costs.

“We have written to the Government asking them to consider an upward adjustment to the price of Mealie-meal. We decided to engage the Government first because issues to do with Mealie-meal are quite sensitive and so we’ll wait for them to respond,” he said.

Meanwhile Agriculture and Livestock Minister Robert Sichinga says the Government has already established a formula to help consumers respond to ongoing changes in the market place that have resulted from the KR 1.75 increase in the price for all petroleum products.

In a separate interview, Sichinga said the Government was alive to the fact that the increase of fuel prices would impact heavily on production costs in the agriculture sector.

“The increase of fuel prices will impact heavily on production in the agriculture sector. But we remain responsive, hence the reason why a formula has been established to help the people respond to the current changes in the market place,” he said.

He said the Government will continue working hard and improve its efficiency so that the country could have a productive agriculture sector.

“Some factors such as this are outside our control, so we’ll sit down with the stakeholders to whom my appeal is that we are all affected by the increase in fuel prices but we can provide suggestions to mitigate the impact this would have on our economy,” he said.