Chief Chewe advises Nevers Mumba go back to pulpit to preach

Nevers Mumba
Father Bwalya
Father Bwalya

Chief Chewe  of the Bemba speaking people of Chinsali has advised outspoken clergymen, father Frank Bwalya and Dr. Nevers Mumba respectively,  to go back to seek God’s forgiveness and to the pulpit to preach his word.
Chief Chewe says that Father Bwalya, who recently resigned his position as ZESCO Board chairman, is a failure in life who even failed to run ZESCO where he was as Board chairman.
The traditional ruler advised Father Bwalya to leave President Sata alone adding that President Sata has done a lot of things since assuming power in 2011.

ZANIS reports that the traditional leader said this in an interview in Chinsali today that the duo  can never be  presidents of Zambia and that the best the two can do is to go back to the flock they have abandoned.
Chief Chewe said President Sata has made the Zambian economy to come back on track much to the happiness of the international community.
He said contrary the assertions by Father Bwalya that President Sata has literally done nothing to improve the livelihood of the Zambian people President Sata has in fact done a lot of things for the
Zambian people.
Chief Chewe said that it is only the PF Government that has managed to take development to all the corners of the country saying the 8,000 Link Zambia Project is one of the projects that will transform the
country once completed.
He added that the infrastructure development is the cornerstone of the nation’s economic development and for someone to claim that there is nothing happening since the PF took over power is being unrealistic.
Chief Chewe has also appealed to President Sata not to be swayed away by remarks of some people bent on frustrating him.
He said that the traditional leadership in the country is in fact happy with the performance of the PF Government.
And Chief Katyetye of the Tambo people of Isoka district has also commended President Sata for his commitment to improve the livelihood of the Zambian people.
In an interview with ZANIS at his palace over the weekend, Chief Katyetye said he is impressed with the commitment of the President towards development.
Chief Katyetye said Zambia will never be the same in the next five years adding that it is good note that the Government has realized that infrastructure development was the back bone of any nations’
Chief Katyetye said it is good to note that roads such as the Nakonde/Kanyala Road which have been in bad state for decades now, is set to receive a serious face lift while almost each Kingdom in the province
has been earmarked to have at least one secondary school built  in the next 18 months.