Govt reaffirms commitment to women’s welfare

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—Gender and Child Development Deputy Minister, Josephine Limata says government remains committed to improving living conditions of women, particularly those in rural areas.

Ms Limata said the Patriotic Front (PF) government wants to build the capacity of women who play a crucial role in the development of the country.

Ms Limata observed that many women in rural areas lack the capacity to secure loans, send children to school and support their households and government was therefore working tirelessly to improve their economic status.

She said this when she handed over 12 cheques worth KR69,000 to women clubs in Luangwa who deal in trading, goat rearing, piggery and poultry among other projects.

The Cheques were given to House of Moses Disabled Group, which got KR5000, Ulemu Women’s Club, KR2000, Tikambilane Women’s Club, KR7000, Tithandize Club, KR7000, Ulimbe Club, KR7000, Mabvuto Apasa Nzelu Club, KR7000, Kamoba Women’s Club, KR7000, Kabila Women’s Club, KR7000, Tabwela Women’s Club, KR3000, Chiza HIV/AIDS club KR2000, Chakwenga Women’s Club KR7000, and Amano Mambulwa Women’s Club KR8000.

And receiving the cheques were Emmanuel Mulenga, Paulina Phiri, Ireen Phiri, Evelyn Mupate, Charles Kamanga, Ruth Phiri, Angela Malunga, Magaret Tembo, Anes Zulu, Emmah Kapinoola, and Christina Mphande respectively.

Ms Limata also cautioned the women to use the funds shrewdly, saying they should not share the resources among themselves but instead use it to develop their programmes.

And Ms Limata told the people of Luangwa not to relent because the PF government wants to foster development in all parts of the country regardless of tribe or political affiliation.

“People need to know that PF is for everyone. No matter your tribe and whether rich or poor PF is for you,” she said.

And Acting District Commissioner, Jailos Simukoko, has appealed to government to assist the district with community development officers who will help to implement and monitor most of the developmental projects in the area aimed at empowering women and young people.

Mr Simukoko said Luangwa lacked officers to observe and spearhead some of the activities that women were doing to improve their living conditions and those of others around them.

And one of the women, Mary Phiri, in a vote of thanks, said the clubs were very appreciative to the government for placing women in the forefront of its development agenda.

Ms Phiri assured that the funds will be used prudently and urged her fellow women to rise to the challenge and set up more clubs to benefit from government resources.

Meanwhile, gender specialist in the Ministry of Gender and Child Development, Abraham Chiwana, told the women to continue working collectively and not to let individuals derail their goals and decisions as groups.

Mr Chiwana alleged that many women clubs have failed in the past because of a few individuals undermining the objectives of the group as a whole.

In addition to the cheques Ulemu women’s club and Chiza HIV/AIDS club received a hammer mill each.