NGOs, civil society advised to monitor government

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—–Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Bert Mushala, has challenged Non-Governmental Organisations and civil societies to effectively play their role of providing checks and balances to government.

Mr Mushala said the country would only develop if organisations like NGOs and the civil societies come together and caution government on its day to day activities and programmes in order to enhance public service delivery.

Speaking when he addressed public service workers, Non-Governmental organisations the civil society and the business community at Chadiza Farmers Training Centre yesterday, Mr Mushala said things in the public service were unacceptable because those who were supposed to provide checks and balances were also asleep.

The Permanent Secretary also called on public service workers to understand their terms and conditions and also the rules and regulations that guide them.

He said public service workers must always refer to the code of ethics so that they know what they are expected to do.

Mr Mushala said government workers must learn to carry out their roles and responsibilities with dedication and commitment if service delivery to the public was to be improved improve.

He said development will not come to any area if people are not dedicated and committed to their works.

The Permanent Secretary implored all government workers to change their work culture and start reporting early for work and be accountable, dedicated and transparent in their work.