Mkushi, Luano blue to be addressed

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Mkushi, Luano blue to be addressed

Mkushi, May 3, ZANIS ——-Government has assured residents of Mkushi and Luano districts of addressing the long standing challenge of road infrastructure development.


Mkushi District Commissioner Christopher Chibuye told ZANIS  that government acknowledged that good roads were a crucial factor in accelerating development for the two districts.


Mr Chibuye said that government had included the development of roads amongst its investments into social and economic infrastructure with the aim of ensuring sustainable development.


He explained that the road development projects would bring several benefits to the two districts in the aspects of improving communication, commerce as well as creation of jobs.


He cited the Mkushi to Luano extensive road project as being amongst the major projects that had been earmarked, saying that this project would unveil many benefits as it also had linkage route that connected to Kabwe district.


Mr Chibuye assured that government would remain steadfast in its commitment to carry out such a project in the quest to build the economy and improve the lives of people in Mkushi and Luano districts.


He elaborated that the Mkushi to Luano road project would begin from Chiponya area pass through Masansa and into Luano district, adding that these projects would boost Public Sector Services and Private Sector Development.


He also made reference to the Boma Township roads, saying that at least 20.2 kilometers stretch of Township roads was earmarked to be tarred.


Mr Chibuye maintained that the PF government was focused in its efforts to transform the economy adding that good roads were vital to the PF’s objective of achieving an economic growth rate of more than 8%.


He said that the reduction of unemployment and poverty were amongst the pertinent challenges that the PF government aimed to overcome, adding that government recognized that such a task required both public and private sector participation.


He said that in view of this, government pledged to continue working with the private sector and would ensure that entrepreneurs have access to cheap credit for investments.


Mr Chibuye pointed out that in 2012, government had introduced a policy rate which provides Financial Market Participants with a credible and stable anchor for setting low interest rates in order to make borrowing affordable.

He said that government policies related to the development of commerce were being backed by the road infrastructure developments as government recognized the importance of consolidating the private sector in the quest to generate more jobs.


He mentioned that youths were most affected by the unemployment challenge, adding that government would soon introduce Apprenticeship skills Training as a bid to empower youths with practical skills.


Mr Chibuye expressed confidence that positive change would unfold from  the combination of developmental factors involving road infrastructure, private sector development and practical skills for the youths.


He said that Mkushi and Luano districts were also earmarked to be considered amongst the 650 Health Centers that would be constructed in various parts of the country, and that good roads would also help in accessing these health services.


He further mentioned that there was need for residents to appreciate that government was focusing on setting the foundation for long term benefits for both Mkushi and Luano districts.