Kazunga recognises role of civil servants in development

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——Deputy Minister for Community Development, Mother and Child Health, Dorothy Kazunga, says civil servants play a big role in realization of government’s developmental programs.

Ms Kazunga said if civil servants work hard in their respective departments it will help to realize government’s vision of developing the country.

The Deputy Minister was speaking in Namwala when she addressed all heads of government departments in the district.

Ms Kazunga said civil servants in the district should try by all means to have a copy of the ruling party manifesto so that they implement the programs in line with government’s vision.

She further said that developing the district and Zambia lies in the people of Zambia hence the need for them to work hard and develop the country.

Ms Kazunga also said that the Patriotic Front Government places great priority in food security programs, hence various food programs lined up in her ministry for the vulnerable people.

She also disclosed that this year the Fertilizer Support Program will start earlier in August   so that farmers plant on time.

Ms Kazunga, however, advised the council in the district to safeguard land to promote development through expansion of the district through infrastructure development.

Meanwhile, Namwala District Administrative officer, Godwin Sanjase told the Deputy Minister that this year’s food security in the district is worrisome because the district is likely to produce very low yields estimated at about 42 per cent drop as compared to last year.

Mr Sanjase said factors which caused the low yield are army worms, late coming of rains and    floods.

Mr Sanjase also told the Deputy Minister that the district has 105 registered women’s clubs and 1897 unregistered women’s clubs.

He added that procedure of registration at the registrar’s office in Lusaka is very slow hence the need to put up an effective registration process of the women’s club.

Mr Sanjase pointed out a number of challenges being faced in the district ranging from lack of accommodation to carter for civil servants and lack of a police camp.

Ms Kazunga is in Namwala district for a two day tour of various projects.

She toured Phase One of the New Namwala District Hospital and Phase Two which she described as a good development for the district in terms of health care.

Ms Kazonga is expected to also visit Chief Nalubamba’s chiefdom to tour some selected women’s clubs and other beneficiaries of funds for the vulnerable allocated to the district under her ministry.