ECZ concerned with accusations by Philip Kosamu

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—–The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Public Relations Manager Crispin Akufuna says the Commission is concerned with the accusation made by Central Province Minister, Philip Kosamu, on MUVI Television and Zambia National Broadcasting Television (ZNBC).

Last week on Thursday Mr Kosamu said the Commission did not do enough voter education to sensitise voters in Kapiri Mposhi resulting in low voter turnout of about 15.06 per cent of registered voters.

Mr Akufuna said voter registration is a mammoth task which requires not only ECZ but also political parties that need to win the elections.

He also stated that it is important for political parties to conduct research to ascertain causes of voter apathy during elections which cannot only be attributed to inadequate voter education.

This is according to the press statement made available to ZANIS today by ECZ Public Relations Manager Crispin Akufuna.

Mr Akufuna also explained that the Commission carried out vigorous voter education before the April 23 Kapiri Mposhi by elections.

Mr Akufuna has since called on all stake holders  to compliment the Commission’s efforts in sensitising voters to cast their votes during elections.