Combined law enforcement officers confiscates timber in Western province

timber Mongu


timber Mongu
timber Mongu

Government in Western Province has ceased timber worth more than KR100,000 in Mongu district.

Western Province Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba instructed the Police and the Forestry Department to confiscate the timber which is in raw material.

 Mr Mwamba who was touring markets in Mongu explained that the ban on timber is still in force with the view to find better ways of improving the timber business and help it flourish in the country without depleting the forest reserves.

He said government will not tolerate the illegal cutting of timber from gazetted and traditional forests.

The Permanent Secretary said it is not good for people of Western province to be found selling timber claimed to have been cut in November last year and sell it now.

 The timber traders however said that they had no livelihood to support their families that’s why they are still trading as there is no employment in the country.


Government last year suspended all timber licences to protect the depleting forests around the country.