Former ZCCM Mines houses tenants in Kabwe appeal to President Sata for help

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A group of tenants living in former ZCCM houses in Mine compound of Kabwe have appealed to President Michael Sata to intervene in a matter in which they are facing eviction from houses they have been occupying for over 20 years.

Representatives of the group of 60 families told ZANIS in Kabwe that efforts to use other channels to find land where they could go and settle have failed hence the appeal to President Sata to help.

Everisto Mwenya, Charles Halubono and Charles Bwalya said the families were not opposing the Supreme Court ruling against them in 2011 but wanted an alternative place where they could go and settle.

They said early this year, Kabwe high court gave them up to 3rd May 2013, in which to vacate the houses or be forced out by bailiffs.

The trio explained that they had tried to find help from both the office of the Permanent Secretary and that of the District Commissioner in Kabwe but no positive results have been yielded.

“Though we still feel we are the rightful owners of the houses since we were the sitting tenants at the time of the sale of the properties, there is nothing we can do because the courts of law already passed judgement. But we are appealing to government, to help us with an alternative land where we can build since we are not against the court ruling,” said Mr. Mwenya.

He further stated that the affected families are not happy with the looming eviction and were ready to defend themselves even against bailiffs.

He however said the affected people would not want to be violent before they try the last resort of seeking help from the Head of State over their plight.

“We have hope that if President Sata hears this, he is definitely going to listen to us and he will intervene. We are poor people who can only look to government for help in this matter hence our plea to President Sata to listen to our cry,” Mr. Mwenya added.