Civil servants warned against frustrating government’s efforts

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Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Minister Greyford Monde has warned that government will not hesitate to lay off civil servants who frustrate progressive government policies aimed at improving the social economic development of the country.


Mr. Monde noted that politicians have a fixed term of office hence certain policies must be implemented promptly if they are to remain relevant to their electorates.


He said this is why government will not tolerate any civil servant who will hinder the implementation of policies and promises made to the people.


The Deputy Minister made these remarks when he graced the Labour Day celebrations in Itezhi Tezhi district today.


Mr. Monde, who is also Itezhi Tezhi Member of Parliament, reiterated the Patriotic Front (PF) Government’s commitment to creating employment opportunities for all citizens.


He said government has created employment opportunities through empowering citizens with women empowerment funds, Youth empowerment and Citizen Economic Empowerment Funds.


The Deputy Minister noted that government has further shown commitment in improving the working conditions of its employees through salary increments and good working conditions.


He said the PF government has overshadowed previous governments in terms of motivating civil servants through hefty salary increments especially with the latest ones to be effected in September this year.


The Deputy Minister was also happy with the representation of other political parties in the district saying Labour Day celebrations are not political hence the need for everyone to participate.


And representative for the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), Vincent Makondo has appealed to political leaders in the country not to perceive civil servants as incompetent but to dialogue with them to appreciate their challenges.


Mr. Makondo alleged that there have been continued threats of dismissals against civil servants by top political leadership, which he said was not right.


He noted that threats can never motivate workers to increase productivity hence leaders should instead be engaging civil servants in dialogues for them to appreciate the problems faced by public workers.


Mr. Makondo was however quick to caution workers against exhibiting a bad working culture and advised them to take their jobs seriously.


He has further commended Labour Minister, Fackson Shamenda for spearheading the crafting of a policy aimed at employing qualified human resource officers in the country saying it is a step in the right direction.


The Labour Day celebrations in Itezhi Tezhi District were characterised by dances, speeches and was attended by a multitude of workers as well as three traditional leaders including Chief Shimbizhi, Kaingu and Musungwa.