NAC, ZEMA sensitise importance of environmental impact assessment

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—-The Zambia National AIDS Council (NAC) in conjunction with the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) has embarked on a serious programme to educate government workers and other stakeholders in Muchinga and Northern Provinces on the importance of carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on developmental capital projects in the country.


This came to light during the opening of a six-day-training workshop on EIA conducted by ZEMA and NAC at Lake Chila Lodge in Mbala district yesterday.


ZEMA acting Inspectorate Manager, Fredrick Muyano, informed the participants that failure to carry out Environmental Impact Assessment by relevant institutions on capital projects has greatly affected the people in the country.


Mr. Muyano explained that in the recent past it has been observed that many capital developmental projects taking place in the country have continued to be one of the key drivers of causing the spread of deadly diseases such as AIDS.


He said while developmental capital projects are welcome to improve the livelihood of the community where such project is being undertaken, it is also important to predict the effects on the lives of the people once the projects is completed.


Mr Muyano further said it is for this reason that many key stakeholders on the fight against HIV and AIDS need to be educated on the issue in order to create more awareness in area.


He also observed that HIV and AIDS is one of the major threats to sustainable development in the country which needed to be given particular attention when carrying out impact assessment on capital developmental projects.


At the same workshop Lusaka based National AIDS Council programme director, Harold Witola, also said the fight against HIV and AIDS will not only promote sustainable development but protect human health safety in the country as well.