67 year old businessman wins flat in Zamtel Double Tobela promotion

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A 67 year old businessman of Kalomo district in Southern Province has become an instant property owner after winning a KR780, 000 worth flat in the Zamtel’s Double Tobela promotion.

The life of Always Katansha instantly changed today when he was handed the keys to a luxurious three bedroomed flat in Lusaka’s Woodlands Extension area.

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mupanga Mwanakatwe said the Double Tobela promotion was about securing people’s destines.

Dr. Mwanakatwe said the Double Tobela promotion was devised out of Zamtel’s understanding of varied and unique needs of the company’s diverse customers which served as the basis for selecting the promotion prizes.

He congratulated Mr. Katansha and wished him a happy stay in his new house.

Dr. Mwanakatwe has since encouraged Zamtel subscribers to keep participating in the promotion by sending Zamtel to 9595 for them to stand a chance of winning the remaining flat.

And Mr. Katansha, who was overwhelmed with joy, said he had not yet decided whether to rent out the house or not.

He said he had to first liaise with his wife who lives in Kalomo before coming up with a concrete decision.

Zamtel handed over the first three bedroomed flat to a 36 year old Serenje police officer Cared Chingambi last month in same promotion.