Chiefs warns against misusing mosquito nets

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——–Chief Mibenge of the Ushi people in Mansa district has warned his subjects against misusing   mosquito nets.

Chief Mibenge observed that among his subjects there is a tendency of misusing mosquito nets which are meant for preventing malaria, a situation he said has made it difficult for programs aimed at the fight against the disease to succeed.

The chief said this at Musaila Rural Health Centre in Mansa during the commemoration of the world Malaria day.

He observed that malaria has taken many lives in the country including his chiefdom and that it can only be stop by heeding to preventive measures like sleeping under a treated mosquito net.

He has since called on his subjects to stop the tendency of buying drugs in retail shops for the treatment of malaria whenever they feel sick, saying people should seek professional advice to ascertain their sickness for their medication.

And earlier Mansa District Community Medical Officer, Mutinta Mudenda, disclosed that the district recorded a total of 23,000 cases of malaria out of the total population 100, 000 people in the district out which 22 people died of the disease.

Dr Mudenda said it is out of such records of the malaria prevalence rate that the fight against the disease is aimed at.

Zambia yesterday joined the rest of the world in commemorating the world Malaria day under the theme; ‘Invest in the future defeat malaria’.