SWASCO disconnects water to Mazabuka administration block

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——–The Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWASCO) has disconnected water supply at the district administration block in Mazabuka District due to none payment of water bills.

The Administration block  houses among other government departments, the District Commissioners office, the Drug Enforcement Commission, Mazabuka Municipal Council Planning Unit, department of Community Development, Ministry of Agriculture’s marketing Department, ZANIS offices, Forestry and Immigration.


Officials at SWASCO disclosed that the water utility company decided to move in and disconnect water at the government building because it is owed a total of K30 million by the district administration.


And officers from affected departments have threatened to withdraw their labour and stop reporting for work, saying they cannot operate without toilets.


They complained separately that there is need to find a solution to the water problem, saying they are finding it difficult to work due to lack of water in the toilets.


The officers, who preferred to remain anonymous, charged that as a result of the current water shortage, they are forced to answer the call of nature from in the nearby public places such as bars.


They have threatened to stay away from work if water is not restored by Wednesday this week, saying they cannot operate in an environment that poses a danger to their health.


But District Commissioner, Eugene Munyama, said he only became aware of the shortage of water on Monday this week as he was out of the district attending a week long induction training of D.C’s.


Mr Munyama said efforts are being made to have the water reconnected to the District Administration.


Mr Munyama, however, stated that the bill that has accumulated over a period of time has been as a result of the failure by various departments that use the water to contribute money towards the settlement of the bills.


He said it was the duty of every department that benefits from the water to take it upon themselves to pay towards the usage unlike the current situation where his office is the only one that is made to foot the bills.


Mr Munyama, however, assured that he will seek help from the office of the permanent Secretary in Choma in to assist with the settlement of the bills to allow SWASCO reconnect water.