Govt. warns against flouting Labour Laws

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Govt. warns against flouting Labour Laws


Kapiri Mponshi, 22 April 2013, ZANIS- Labour Deputy Minister Ronald Chitotela has warned business entities flouting labour laws that they risk being prosecuted.


Mr. Chitotela noted that some business entities were completely disregarding the country’s labour laws regardless several reminders by government.


Mr. Chitotela observed that the two business entities were flouting the Zambian labour laws adding that there was need for total adherence to labour by business houses operating in the country.


ZANIS reports that the minister said this when he conducted an impromptu visit at Sunshine and Country Bakeries in Kapiri Mposhi to inspect the labour conditions compliance today.


He was flanked by Kapiri Mponshi District Commissioner Beatrice Sikazwe and Central Province Labour Officer, Angela Chadukwa , among other top government heads of department and officials.


He said he was appalled to discover that the two bakeries had not yet revised and effected the minimum wage and were paying its workers KR 600 per month.


“The newly revised minimum wage is not being complied with if you want to operate your  businesses without complying with the law, we shall be forced to invoke the provisions of the law because non adherence to the law is a criminal offence”, Mr. Chitotela said.


Mr. Chitotela who also distributed copies of Statutory Instrument Number 46 of the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act was also disturbed by reports that the workers at the two bakeries are usually locked-in and work for close to 24 hours.


“I hear you lock up these workers from 09 hours to 09 hours the following day….I’m giving you a timely warning because this government will not tolerate such kind of investors… we want investors that value its workers.


“ I will soon come back to make follow ups on matters that have been noticed …I have given you a deadline in which to ensure that you comply with Zambian labour laws”, Mr. Chitotela said.


He ordered all business houses in Kapiri Mposhi to come up with legally binding contracts of employment for their workers.


And Acting Director at Sunshine Bakery, Charfekar Amina was at pains to explain to the Minister about the conditions of services for workers at her institution.


Mrs. Charfekar who claimed that she was standing-in for the Director who was momentarily out of the district assured the Deputy Minister that her company will amend the working conditions for the workers in line with the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act before 10th May 2013.