Kapiri parliamentary by-election voting set

Ballot Box
Ballot Box
Parliamentary by election polls slated for this week on Tuesday, April 23.

 And Kapiri Mposhi District Electoral Officer Hamwende Mpande has praised participating  political parties in the polls and other electoral stakeholders for ensuring that the campaigns were incident free.

 Mr. Mpande said all election materials and other logistics have already arrived in the   district and are being deployed to various polling stations in the constituency.

 ZANIS reports that Mr. Mpande explained that a Zambia Air Force (ZAF) chopper is  air lifting ballot papers and polling staff to five polling stations that are inaccessible by road due to poor network in the area.

 He named the five as Ngabwe, Luamala, Chirwa, Luswishi and Kasaka fishing camps.


Mr. Mpande who is also Kapiri Mposhi district council Secretary said 570 polling staff have been trained and 190 security personnel have been deployed to ensure that the polls are peaceful.

 Meanwhile,Mr. Mpande has praised the Kapiri Mposhi District Political Parties Liaision Committee and the District Conflict Management Committee for working hard in reducing political tension in the district.



He said the two committees were instrumental in ensuring that all participating political


and other electoral stakeholders adhered to the provisions of the Electoral Code of Conduct.



Mr. Mpande further praised the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for engaging youths


through its Youth conferences that sensitized them against being used as tools for political





He also disclosed that political campaigns have officially came to a close today at 06: 00


hours in line with the Electoral Commission of Zambia guidelines.



Mr. Mpande appealed to electoral stakeholders to adhere to the closure of the campaign period


saying anyone found conducting political meetings during this period will be flouting the electoral rules


which is also an electoral offence.



By Press time, ZAF had started the dispatch of Polling Staff with the first batch of six officers.



Kapiri Mposhi constituency has 89 polling stations with 140 streams.



The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is fielding Eddie Musonda, United Party for National


Development (UPND)’s candidate is Lawrence Zimba while the United Nation Independence Party


(UNIP) is fielding Francis Mwape.



The seat fell vacant following the court’s nullification of the election of

Lawrence Zimba who stood on the MMD ticket and has since been adopted by the opposition UPND to stand on its ticket after defecting to the party upon losing the seat.