Minister calls for orderly allocation of land

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Minister calls for orderly allocation of land

Chinsali, April 20, ZANIS ——- Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo says there is need for local investors in Muchinga Province particularly Chinsali to ensure that documents of acquiring land are approved by the Local Authorities.

Mr Kampyongo said it is important that the local investors follow the laid down procedures of acquiring land in order to avoid causing confusion on the Chinsali Local Area Plan.

He said as people begin on the construction of infrastructure in the provincial headquarters  there is need for the people to be guided on the areas suitable to build the kind of structures they are putting up.

Mr Kampyongo said this during a stakeholders review meeting held at Chinsali’s Council Chamber yesterday.

And speaking at the same meeting, Chinsali Municipal Council Town Clerk Patrick Kambita said it has been discovered that some headmen are issuing land within the 16 hectares of land which Senior Chief Nkula forfeited to the PF government for developmental purposes early last year.

Mr Kambita said despite the sensitization meetings which were held earlier this year for Chiefs to sensitize their people on the state land, some leaders are still encouraging illegal activities concerning land.

Mr Kambita said some people have illegally been issued land at Nambuluma turn off saying such will greatly affect the Local Area Plan if not checked.

The Town Clerk said to ensure the smooth running of the new Chinsali Town, Chiefs must help in stopping the vice, adding that if something goes wrong with the planning, the authority will be blamed.

Mr. Kambita said if people acquire land illegally and start building on the state land it will lead to buildings being demolished which will be costly to the government as owners of such buildings will seek compensation.

Meanwhile, Mr Kampyongo has charged that demolishing of buildings will be another expenditure on the part of the local authority even before the projects commence, adding that the matter is better off resolved now than later in order to avoid over spending.

In another development, Chinsali Town Clerk has disclosed that funds worth KR 1 million have been allocated to the local authority for the construction of the Civic Centre in Muchinga Province.

However, Mr Kambita lamented that the amount allocated will not be enough to build the kind of structure befitting the status of a Municipal Council.

He said the council intends to build a 6-story building, adding that the council will appreciate if government releases more funds to enable them build the desired structure and use the KR 1 million as a starter.

On the planned construction of a civic centre, Mr Kampyongo has advised Chinsali Municipal Council to ensure that a plan is instituted before starting to spend the funds.

Mr Kampyongo who is also Shiwang`andu Constituency Area Member of Parliament has since urged all Ward Councillors who were present at the meeting to work as a team and ensure that the information discussed is shared.