Technical agriculturalists happy with collective agreement

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—- The Agricultural Technical and Professional Staff Union of Zambia(ATPSUZ), Namwala Branch Chairman, Bayd Hamududu, says his branch is in support of the collective agreements for 2013 conditions of service for civil servants.


Mr Hamududu, however, says there is need to address other issues observed in the new conditions before September 1, such as salaries for agriculture assistants and veterinary assistants which need to be totally harmonized.


He observed that vet assistants still have high salaries than agriculture assistants but both have same qualifications and belong to the same ministry.


He appealed to government to consider other anomalies before September so that everyone is happy with new conditions of service.


Mr Hamududu says government needs to be commended in that it is the first time where a salary increment has variations in percentages with the lowest paid getting the highest percentage.


He pointed out that he has noticed in the collective agreements that the lowest paid worker is not getting KR2, 700 as earlier promised by government.


Mr Hamududu said that KR2, 700 for the lowest paid will be good so that at least it will conform to the Central Statistics Office findings that an average family of six can at least survive with a KR2, 700 per month.


He appealed to government to consider giving salary arrears to civil servants in September when the new collective agreement is effected.