Media key in developing democracy

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Opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo Junior has underscored the important role the media plays in developing democracy in Zambia.

Mr. Chipimo said the media was vital for informing the public noting that an uninformed society cannot successfully chart the course of prosperity.

He said this in Lusaka today during his party’s quarterly media breakfast.

He likened an uninformed society to the Biblical saying that “God’s people die for lack of knowledge”.

Mr. Chipimo said this was the reason why media professionals should begin to be curious and knowing every side of stories.

He said in as much as journalists can determine news basics and report factually, it was important that people in a growing democracy such as Zambia’s, should know how something happened, why it occurred and the solution about it.

Mr. Chipimo has since called on journalists to go beyond what makes headlines such as mealie-meal prices, removal of presidential immunity and get to the bottom of issues.