Levy Mwanawasa Stadium contractor donated nine trucks under RB’s Presidency

former President Rupiah Banda
former President Rupiah Banda
former President Rupiah Banda
former President Rupiah Banda

SOGECOA Zambia has said it donated nine trucks to government and not as personal gratification to former President Rupiah Banda.
Mr Banda was on Monday arrested again by the Government Joint Investigations Team in connection with nine light trucks valued at KR471,000 he allegedly received as part of the MMD campaign materials.
Sogecoa Zambia Limited director Li Fu said at a press briefing in Lusaka that it is unnecessary for his company to pay any person in Zambia “truck gratification” as it is involved in legal business both in Zambia and China.
“Yes it is true that Sogecoa donated nine second-hand light trucks to the Zambian government in 2011. The donation was asked by State House and Sogecoa handed the trucks over to State House directly, not to any individual,” Mr Li said.
“On the donation of nine second-hand trucks in 2011, since Zambian government came to us and asked for such donation, how can Sogecoa refuse that considering the long-term friendship between Zambia and China?
“Even today or in the future, if we are asked to do anything for the Zambian government, surely we will try our best to fulfil it,” he said.
Mr Li said all of his firm’s deeds can be investigated and checked because it is within the legal framework.
Sogecoa Zambia Limited, a subsidiary of Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group Company, was contracted to construct the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.
He said it is astonishing to learn that his company allegedly gave nine second-hand light trucks to Mr Banda as personal gratification.
Mr Li said the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium was discussed and decided by former President Levy Mwanawasa and former President of China Hu Jintao and the contract was awarded to the Chinese company.
Mr Li said the construction of the Mwanawasa Stadium was awarded by the Chinese government as a government-aided project after following procedure of public bidding in China.
The contractor has business projects all over the world and has set up subsidiaries in different countries.
“We can talk about ourselves frankly and honestly to the Zambian government and people that all the projects awarded to us are by proper means of public bidding… there are no secret acts which are acceptable. Surely it is unnecessary for us to give any so-called “truck gratification” to any individual,” Mr Li said.
He said Sogecoa undertakes legal business in Zambia based on the goodwill and mutual co-operation.
Mr Li said apart from the Mwanawasa Stadium, Sogecoa was awarded a contract to construct a swimming pool at the Olympic youth development centre in Lusaka, which it completed within a period of 90 days.
He said President Sata personally named the swimming pool Ninety Days’ after it was proved to be of good quality by the ministries of Sports and Youth and Works, Supply, Transport and Communications.
Mr Li said his firm has also built as part of investment a five-star hotel called the Golden Peacock in Lusaka which will have a conference room with a capacity of about 3,500 to 4,500 people at an estimated cost of US$6 million.
He said Sogecoa has also bought two aircraft which will be registered in Zambia.
Mr Li said his company has been doing this as part of its corporate social responsibility to contribute to job creation.