Govt reiterates commitment to eradicate homophobia

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—Permanently Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Peter Mwaba, says Government is committed to working with co-operating partners in eradicating Homophobia which has continued to claimed lives in the nation.

Dr Mwaba said the fight against the dreaded disease needs to be fought with the help of every Zambian and other donors who have been helping the nation for so many years.

Dr Mwaba said this yesterday in a speech read on his behalf by Director of Clinical Services at the Ministry of Health, Siakantu Sakubita, at Golden Bridge Hotel in Lusaka.

He said this in commemoration of the World Homophobia Day which falls on April 17, every year.

Dr Mwaba stated that the Patriotic Front Government is committed to working for the Zambian people to their satisfaction, adding that this is the reason the people of Zambia voted for the Patriotic Front in 2011 general elections.

And speaking at the same occasion, Zambian Childhood Cancer Foundation, Pauline Musukwa-Sambo, said Government should be hailed for its support towards young people living with Homophobia.

Dr Sakubita said Government last year through co-operating partners sourced for US $25000   for the sole purpose of helping those affected with Homophobia in the nation.

She said as a doctor involved in working for the young people suffering from the problematic disease, homophobia should be fought with the concerted effort in the nation.