MMD will bounce back to power in 2016-Nevers

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

MMD leader Nevers Mumba has vowed that nothing will stop the former ruling party Movement for Multi party Democracy from bouncing back to power.

Dr Mumba’s remarks come in the wake of a statement by Alliance for Democracy and Development president Charles Milupi that there is no political party in the country that will manage to unseat the Patriotic Front government in 2016.

Dr Mumba has told Qfm in an interview during a call in program that the MMD has what it takes to put in the necessary efforts to win the 2016 general elections. He says Mr Milupi should instead speak for his party and not other political parties.

Dr Mumba says Mr Milupi is entitled to his opinion, but that the MMD will not be bound to such an opinion.

Meanwhile DR Mumba has refuted allegations that he is one of the people who have been spreading rumours that President Michael Sata is sick.

Dr. Mumba wonders how could be linked to such rumours when he has not met President Sata in a very long time. He says has no reasons to wish President Sata ill health, and further spread false information about his illness.

Dr. Mumba says as a Pastor his job is to heal people and not wish them sick, adding that it is unchristian for anyone to do so.