-Livingstone conducts UNWTO mock simulation

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Livingstone conducts UNWTO mock simulation
Livingstone, April 17,ZANIS——- A combined team of Zambia Police, Fire Brigade and the Livingstone General Hospital today tested their preparedness for emergency cases ahead of the UNWTO general conference by conducting a mock simulation exercise.

In the mock exercise, thirty people were depicted to have ‘died’ in a road
traffic accident in Livingstone while twelve others were seriously injured.

The accident happened at villa grounds when a Toyota land cruiser hit
into an on-coming Rosa bus.

Fire brigade rushed to the scene of the accident and put out the fire while
paramedics arrived later to attend to the passengers on both

A ZANIS crew that rushed to the scene of the accident found paramedics and officers
from the fire brigade removing the injured victims from the
vehicles into ambulances while the dead bodies were taken to the
Livingstone general hospital mortuary.

Among the seriously wounded, seven have been evacuated to the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka for specialist treatment.

Livingstone General Head of Clinical Care Dr. Mzaza Nthele explained
that mobile hospitals will be stationed at the conference ready to
treat any emergency.

He said patients that will have serious conditions that may fail to be
treated at the mobile hospital will be taken to the general hospital.

Dr. Nthele said Livingstone General will be up graded to a third level
hospital where consultants will be available to render their services.

He said the drill was a first of its kind where the three departments
will note the strengths and challenges to be worked on.

He described the drill as a success adding that they have to be
prepared at any given time as a disaster can happen at any time.

Dr. Nthele said staff will also be beefed up during the event from other
parts of the country to help cushion any eventualities.