-Youths challenged to maintain high morals

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Youths challenged to maintain high morals

Nchelenge, April 16, 2013, ZANIS….Government has called for high moral standards among youths in the country.

Nchelenge District Commissioner Joseph Chisakula says there is need for all christian youths in the country to follow the teachings of the Bible.

Mr. Chisakula said this during the official opening of the Seventh Day Adventist  Nchelenge district  Youth Camp held at Nshinda Basic School this morning.

He said Government led by President Michael Sata is determined to ensure that christian values are upheld in the country.

The Nchelenge DC has urged the youths to emulate Mr. Sata’s declaration during his inauguration that Zambia would be governed by the 10 commandments of the Bible.

And the DC has implored Youths to study hard while still in school adding that education is the only key to unlocking the various soci-economic challenges they are faced with.

He has however expressed disappointment that pupils in Nchelenge district have continued to under perform at grade 12 level causing most of them not to advance to tertiary education.

Speaking earlier, Nchelenge district Seventh Day Adventists President, Richard Mukutwa appealed to Government to put in place programmes that will empower young people with skills and knowledge.

Mr. Mukutwa said it was only by being empowered that the youths could  also contribute to the development of the country.

He added that about 75 percent  congregants in the  SDA are youths, adding that this poses as great challenge for parents and Church leaders to ensure that the young people are molded into responsible and dedicated children of God.

Mr. Mukutwa said the Youths are faced with challenges such as peer pressure which has led to some of them failing to complete their education, while girls fall into the trap of teenage pregnancies.

Meanwhile, Seventh Day Adventist Nchelenge District Pastor Joseph Chishimba implored the youths to  be positive in life.

Pastor Chishimba said there is need for every youth to find their purpose in life and work hard at achieving it.

He also called on Government to open up opportunities for youths in Nchelenge District by providing a conducive environment for investment in the tourism sector.

Pastor Chishimba said there is need to also set up Science and technology research centre in rural areas such as Nchelenge.

Over 600 Seventh Day Adventist Youths are gathered at Nshinda Basic School for one week skills and leadership training camp under the theme “run to win”.