Kufuna advises Luapula Water and Sewerage to broaden market base

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Kufuna advises Luapula Water and Sewerage to broaden market base  

Mansa, Apr 16/13, ZANIS————–Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister, John Kufuna, says government will not accept anything less than the provision of quality and clean drinking water to its people.

Mr Kufuna says government realises that the provision of quality clean drinking water is the only way that will reduce cost in hospitals that arise from diseases that come as a result of drinking contaminated water.

Mr Kufuna says government is committed to ensure that the people of Zambia receive quality and clean water.

Mr Kufuna said this when he toured Luapula Water and Sewerage Company in Mansa.

He said government is aware of the challenges that Luapula Water and Sewerage Company is faced with and indicated that government will do everything possible to help the water utility company.

He noted that there is need for the water utility company to explore ways of broadening the customer base, saying this is the only way the water utility company will be able to sustain itself.

The Deputy Minister added that with availability of over 10,000 potential customers, the solution to addressing the challenges at the company does not depend on increasing tariffs but in broadening the customer base.

Mr Kufuna said it is worrying that despite the power problem in the province, the company has not acquired a generator to use when there is no power, thereby denying the people access to water in such hours.

And Luapula Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director, Sebastian Chilekwa, told the deputy minister that the company has survived because it evades paying bills to services providers like the Zesco.

Mr Chilekwa said if all service providers were to be paid the company will not be able run adding that the company generates a bill of KR80, 000 from Zesco alone each month.

He disclosed that the company has a revenue base of KR250, 000 against its expenditure of KR350, 000 per month, making it difficult to run the firm.

Mr Chilekwa said despite the challenges, the company has scored success in terms of increased water supply hours which have increased from six to 11 hours per day.

The Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister is in Luapula province to check on infrastructural development in councils, markets and the water supply situation.