Health workers in Nakonde advised

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—–Health workers in Nakonde district of Muchinga Province have been urged to embrace the spirit of hard work if they are to build a positive image to the public in terms of service delivery.

Muchinga Province National Union for Public Service Workers (NUPSW) Regional Secretary, George Ntema, challenged the health workers during a meeting held at the Nakonde Health Centre over the weekend.

Mr Ntema said the union has in the recent past been receiving negative reports from the public on the alleged poor service delivery by health workers in the area.

Mr Ntema said it was for this reason that he wanted workers in the district to embrace the spirit of hard work in order to change the negative image which the public has on them.

He explained that once workers in the area embraced the spirit of hard work and develop a positive attitude towards work, it would go a long way in changing the image that the public has on the health workers at Nakonde health centre in terms of service delivery.

Mr Ntema also appealed to workers to desist from the habit of reporting for work while drunk in order to maintain their dignity and increase on productivity.

“The culture of reporting for work while drunk reduces one’s respect in society,” said Mr Kasanda.

Speaking at the same meeting, Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Regional coordinator for Muchinga Province, Nondo Kasanda implored workers to support and implement Government policies.