President Sata assures Chipepo residents of accelerated development

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President Sata assures Chipepo residents of accelerated development

Kabwe, April 14, ZANIS ——— President Michael Sata says he is disappointed that since independence the people of Chipepo Ward in Kapiri-Mposhi district have not had an opportunity to meet with the preceding Presidents of this country.

Speaking yesterday during a rally held at Lyombe Primary School grounds to drum up support for PF Parliamentary candidate, Eddie Musonda in the April, 23rd By-Elections, President Sata said this explains why the area is still lagging behind in terms of development because it is impossible for an area to develop without the presidential presence.

He said it is clear that the people in Chipepo are surviving by the grace of God because no one can survive in an area that has no hospital, water, school and other basic amenities, without the grace of God.

He said just looking at the people in that area, one does not need to ask the challenges they encounter on a day-to-day basis as the challenges of poverty and struggle are visible and written all over their faces.

President Sata however, said the PF government will not subject the people of Chipepo to such inhuman treatment because his government is passionate about upgrading the lives of not only those in urban areas but the country as a whole.

‘’I can guarantee you people of Chipepo that my government will ensure that you receive schools, hospitals, water and electricity just like those in the city, because you all are part of Zambia and Zambia can never be what it is today, without you,’’ he said.

He said his government will ensure that people in rural areas get the same share of development as those in the city because they are also electorates just like those in urban areas.

‘’I want people in the outlying areas of this country to get the same treatment as those in cities because right now, if you look at these people (in rural areas), you will notice that they look very old but this is not because they are really old, it is simply because they are suffering. The challenges they encounter everyday have made them to look older than their actual age and that is what we want to remove as PF. We want to remove the suffering from our people’s faces and give them a proper future,” he added.

And President Sata has appealed to people vying to be parliamentarians to bear in mind that being a parliamentarian is not about self-gain but service to the people.

The President also advised Mr Musonda to campaign with the view of ensuring development in the area and not with the view of enriching himself.

He said once elected to Parliament, Mr Musonda should stick to his campaign promises and ensure that he addresses the challenges in Kapiri-Mposhi otherwise parliament will become a strange place for him as Zambians are not forgetful people.

And Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has urged the people of Chipepo Ward to vote for PF parliamentary candidate Eddie Musonda in the April 23rd By-Election if the area is to record any meaningful development.

Mr Kabimba said it is quite difficult for the ruling government to work with the opposition because they are not in tune with the PF development agenda and may not understand why the government is so passionate about bringing development to the people.

He said most of the people in the opposition are still doubtful about the emphasis the PF government has placed on development but that this does not worry the government because they have a responsibility to develop the nation within a specified period of time.

He said in all essence, the PF is not pressured by any By-Election as per reports in some media because whether or not the PF candidates win, the party will remain in power until 2016 and that if the Lord is willing and the grace sufficient, it may even rule Zambia for many, many years to come.

“Look, whether we win or lose, we are not bothered. Our main concern is to ensure that our people have enough food, available health facilities, good road networks and proper access to education,’’ he explained.

Meanwhile, former MMD Member of Parliament for Kapiri-Mposhi Constituency, Friday Malwa has pledged his ultimate support for the PF parliamentary candidate, Eddie Musonda.

Mr Malwa said he has decided to rally behind the PF and its candidate because as far as he is concerned, the MMD is a dead party never to resurrect.

Mr Malwa said he knew from the day he defected to PF that there would be no MMD presence in Kapiri-Mposhi because the MMD in the area died with his defection to the ruling PF.

He said this can be evidenced by the lack of the MMD candidate in the forth-coming By-Election because the party tried to adopt him but he could not honour their request as he had already crossed over to a live and promising party.

“I want to inform you people of Chipepo that the so called MMD died the very day I defected to PF and they approached me for adoption but I refused because I do not associate myself with dead parties anymore,’’ he said.