Clergyman commends Minister’s stance on Gay rights

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Clergyman commends Minister’s stance on Gay rights

Kabwe, April 14, ZANIS ———- River of Life Tabernacle Church Bishop, Jimmy Nyirongo has hailed Home Affairs Minister, Edgar Lungu for condemning homosexuality in the country.

Speaking during the Lunch Hour Fellowship held at the Boma Conference Hall in Kabwe yesterday, Bishop Nyirongo said Mr Lungu who strongly condemned homosexuality during the time he was the Acting President needs the support of every Zambian because homosexuality is a taboo.

He said it is total madness for people of the same sex to engage in marriages because even animals and birds do not engage in same sex reunions.

Bishop Nyirongo said it is practically and biblically wrong for people of the same sex to come together in marriage because it contradicts the very essence of God’s interpretation of marriage.

He said the Bible in the book of Genesis clearly states that man shall leave his father’s house and go and unite with his wife and therefore, there is no justification of same sex reunions.

He further explained that man was created in the likeness of God and thus, the norms of God cannot be swapped with those of man to suit man’s evil desires.

“It is absolutely wrong for a man to marry another man or rather engage in sexual relations with a fellow man because what organs are they going to use to get that sexual fulfilment destined by God?’’ he wondered.

Bishop Nyirongo further warned that if government legalize those abominable acts, the country will be cursed both on earth and in heaven.

He, therefore, advised delegates attending the national constitutional convention to ensure that they do not endorse the clause that talks about homosexuality.