CSAWUZ urges members to work hard

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CSAWUZ urges members to work hard

Lundazi, April 13, ZANIS ——— Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) Deputy General Secretary Beti Mutambo has challenged civil servants in Lundazi district to be committed and dedicated to duty if the new signed collective agreement was to bear fruits.

Ms Mutambo said in order for government and Union to be happy and appreciate the just signed collective agreement, public workers should work extra hard and convince government that they are able to perform and deliver the desirable results.

ZANIS in Lundazi report that Ms Mutambo made the challenged in Lundazi yesterday when she addressed civil servants to explain the new collective agreement signed recently between government and the Union.

Ms Mutambo also advised public workers to immediate change their work cultural because going by percentages signed in some cases some workers have been awarded an additional 200 percentage.

The Deputy General Secretary further warned public workers against laziness on duty and indulging themselves in corrupt practices, saying her union will not condone any of the vices because doing so retards national development.

On new signed collective agreement between government and the CSAWUZ which takes effective from  1st September 2013, she disclosed that  Union managed to negotiate improved conditions like  equal  pay for equal work, initial job evaluation, Revised salary grades, introduction of compulsory health insurance scheme, Funeral Insurance Scheme among others.

She also said that the delay to implement the new collective agreement is to allow any aggrieved worker to launch complaints to complaint committee and allow normalization before 1st September 2013.