Mosquito nets turned into sports equipment in Gwembe district

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—————Lack of sports equipment in Gwembe district is
forcing youths to use insecticide treated mosquito nets as goal post nets.

This came to light during the District Development Coordinating
Committee (DDCC) stakeholders meeting yesterday.

In the report presented by the social sector under health department,
it was heard that freely distributed insecticide treated mosquito nets
to Gwembe community as a malaria control measure, are
now being used as sports equipment by some sports youth groups in the

The health department has described the trend as a health concern as
mosquito nets are not serving the core purpose of preventing malarial
cases in the district.


It was further heard that in areas along Lake Kariba, mosquito nets
are being used as fishing nets.

Presenting the report however, Dr. Mwiinde observed that there has
been a reduction in use of mosquito nets for catching fish
following the awareness campaign that the health department had been

Dr. Mwiinde said that there is need for traditional leaders to be
brought on board to help sensitise communities on the proper use of
insecticide treated mosquito nets.