Don’t celebrate the 50+1 clause yet – Lifwekelo

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Munali constituency aspiring candidate for opposition FDD in the last elections Edmond Lifwekelo  has urged Zambians not rush to celebrate the 50+1 clause for electing a president which is yet to go to President Michael Sata whom he says cannot be trusted.

The thematic working group on representation of people at the ongoing National Constitution Convention today, April 11, 2013 unanimously voted for the 50+1 vote threshold clause in the First Draft Constitution for the election of the republican President.

But Lifwekelo says the battle is far from being won as the document is to be to President Sata.

“Our position is that Zambians should not rush to celebrate the 50+1 because the document is yet to go to Sata, and we know Sata can never be trusted,” Lifwekelo said. “You remember the Barotse Commission of Enquiry where he embarrassed Rodger Chongwe? Sata and Wynter are acting suspiciously at the moment and we fear they may have something up their sleeves.”

Lifwekelo who is currently executive Director of an NGO called Advocacy Forum for Responsible leadership Zambia has called upon Zambians to monitor President Sata and group closely. He has also urged President Sata to respect the wishes of the people.

He said Zambia is bigger than anyone and appealed to President Sata to put the interests of the nation first.

“Remember (Ronnie) Shikapwasha never thought he will be in opposition and he rejected the 50+1 then but today he is in the forefront of supporting it,” Lifwekelo warned. ”PF will be in opposition one day and they will need these laws which today they are fighting.”

Lifwekelo said time has come for the church, NGOs, Civil society, students, youths, Women to demand the constitution which will stand the test of time.

“This is the time we have been waiting for,” he said.