CSAWUZ advise civil servants to be patient with new agreements

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——— The Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) has advised civil servants to be patient before the new collective agreements are implemented in September 2013.


Addressing Civil servants of Namwala District, CSAWUZ Vice President Agnes Ndila said the new conditions will be implemented in six months time to allow for an appeal process by aggrieved parties who are required to forward their grievances before September for consideration.


The CSAWUZ Vice President said that the new conditions are good because they will carter mostly for the lowest paid workers who will have a higher percentage in order to reduce the gap between those who earn more and those who earn less money.


She said that the new conditions are graded salary increments unlike in the past were they were across the board increments which disadvantaged the lowly paid workers.


Ms Ndila added that the new conditions have considered the statistics from the central statistical office which say that for an average family of six to live they needed to have KR2700 per month.


Ms Ndila added that the new conditions have also included a compulsory medical scheme as opposed to a voluntary scheme.


She added that law has been drafted to safe guard the funds from the scheme so that they are used for the intended purpose and protected.


Ms Ndila pointed out that the CSAWUZ has addressed issues of differences in salaries of people with same qualifications and difference in pay.


She further said that the new conditions have incorporated classified daily employees as civil servants in division three and that the new salary structure will be a single spine structure of 18 scales which will be GG from A to I with I as the highest grade and A lowest grade GGA.

Meanwhile most civil servants expressed happiness with the new salary increments saying government should consider issues in the six months appeal process in time without delaying the increments.