Munkombwe order provincial officers to move to Choma

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Munkombwe order provincial officers to move to Choma

Choma, April 8, ZANIS —— Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has pardoned all civil servants currently on suspension for various offences that do not border on corruption or criminality.

And Mr Munkombwe has given marching orders to all provincial heads of government institutions still operating from Livingstone to immediately move to Choma or face serious consequences.

Addressing provincial heads of government departments in Choma this afternoon, Mr Munkombwe said the amnesty covers all civil servants who are currently on suspension resulting from offences committed in the course of their duty.

He said the pardon is meant to allow the erring officers come back to work and join in the developmental efforts being pursued by the new team at the provincial administration.

A number of civil servants in the province have been serving suspensions and the Minister told Provincial Permanent Secretary Bernard Namachila to institute administrative procedures to reverse the disciplinary actions.

Mr Munkombwe said there is need to start on a fresh note in running affairs of the province.

The minister who said he does not believe that most civil servants are indiscipline called for hard work, honest and loyalty among all public servants.

He said the Patriotic Front government is in a hurry to develop Southern province which he said is part and parcel of Zambia.

Mr Munkombwe said civil servants must be able to interpret the PF manifesto in their programmes and that he wants all critical developmental concerns in the province such as the Bottom road and the Monze-Neiko road to be urgently attended to.

He said the opposition parties no longer have any topic of substance for political discourse against the PF government because President Michael Sata has ‘deflated’ them through the numerous developmental programmes taking place in the country.

And Mr Munkombwe has told provincial heads still operating from Livingstone to immediately shift to Choma.

He said the various ministries and departments should find office space within their district offices, adding that there would be no reason or justification for the provincial heads to continue operating from Livingstone.