‘Provincial Assemblies to address Barotse Agreement ‘

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‘Provincial Assemblies to address Barotse Agreement ‘

Lusaka, Apr 6, 2013, ZANIS…..The working group on Devolved Governance and Traditional leadership has observed that the Provincial Assemblies which the Draft Constitution has provided will address what the people of Western Province have been calling for through the Barotse Agreement of 1964.

Debating the First Draft Constitution at the just-ended Sector Group Convention in Lusaka yesterday, delegates observed that the Barotse Agreement of 1964 seeks to give power to local people which the FDC has addressed by introducing the Provincial Assemblies where the traditional leaders, local authorities and other organizations will be represented.

Chairperson of the working group, Chief Chipepo, said the Provincial Assemblies will have the same composition in all provinces but delegates disagreed with him stating that the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has structures in place which could be used to form the

Institutes of Local Government Administrator of Zambia Vice Person, Bwanga Kapumpa, observed that the BRE has the King, the Prime Minister and other leaders who he said could help decide who to be recruited into the Provincial Assembly as long as they utilize the funds for the intended purposes.

Mr Kapumpa, who is also an expert in local government issues, said the King should be allowed to suggest who the speaker of the Provincial Assembly should be because he has an influence on his people in the area.

He noted that the traditional leadership in Western Province has a structure of governance which is similar to the provincial assembly and hoped that the introduction of the Provincial Assembly will be of help to the people in Western Province.

And Former Kitwe Town Clerk, Ali Simwinga, observed that the inclusion of the Provincial Assemblies in the FDC is a better response to the abrogated Barotse Agreement which sought the devolution of power and resources.

Mr Simwinga said the Provincial Assembly will empower the people of
Western Province who wanted the Barotse Agreement to be recognized
with resources and authority to develop their area.