Sector Group Convention closes

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–The Sector Group Convention which opened in Lusaka on Tuesday to discuss and analyse articles in the First Draft Constitution has been officially closed.

Deputy Chairperson of the Technical Committee Drafting the Zambian Constitution, Justice Julius Sakala, officially closed the convention after the Coordinator of the Convention, Reuben Lifuka, highlighted delegates on the next step the committee will take in concluding the consultative process in the drafting of the Zambian Constitution.

Justice Sakala commended the experts and professionals for their efforts in ensuring that the country gets the constitution that will be accepted by all citizens.

He noted that the delegates showed a selfless and patriotic spirit by committing themselves to debating the document.

He commended the delegates for participating in the Sector Groups’ Convention.

The Sector Group’s Convention was held to give experts and professionals an opportunity to analyse the FDC and make recommendations to the Technical Committee and the recommendations are expected to be used in formulating the final draft constitution which will be simultaneously presented to Parliament and the republican President.

The convention conducted its business in ten working groups which closely looked at articles and clauses of the FDC before making a report of their recommendations to the Technical Committee.

All the reports from working groups were read at the official closure to ensure that delegates are sure that their views have been captured as recommended.
Some articles and clauses have been recommended for amendment, others for retention while some have been recommended for deletion.

Meanwhile, some working groups have been compelled to work after the official closure because they have failed to complete their task before the expected time of closure.

After this process, the Draft Constitution is expected to be debated at the National Convention which will be held in Lusaka from April 10th to 17th April this year.