-Luapula Minister happy with Pedicle road works

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Luapula Minister happy with Pedicle road works.

Mansa, April  5, 2013, ZANIS – The KR 278 million pedicle road works which started in December last year have make good progress.

The road which is an important lifeline to the people of Luapula for their market on the copperbelt is expected to be completed by November 2014.

Luapula Province Minister Brigadier General Benson Kapaya expressed happiness at the pace of works on the road.

The minister who made a spot check on the works today said he was happy that the new Contractor Copperfields Mining Services has demonstrated capacity to do a quality job on the road.

He said the new Contractor has adequate equipment to do the works to the required standard and has promised to deliver a good road by November 2014.

The minister advised the Contractor to take advantage of the dry season and speed up the works because the pedicle road was a lifeline for the people of Luapula in finding a market for their various produce on the Copperbelt.

He said it was cheaper to use the pedicle road from Chembe in Luapula Province to Mufulira and other Copperbelt towns than using the regular  route through Tuta road.

Brig.Gen Kapaya added that he would be checking on the works regularly to  ensure that a good and quality road was delivered to the people on time .

He said the people of Chienge and other districts of Luapula Province were engaged in serious production of various crops which needed to get to the Copperbelt and North-Western Provinces through the pedicle road for the  yawning market.

And Copperfields Mining Services Manager Projects Kalunda Chibalange said it was favourable that the rains have subsided and the project was on schedule as it was now dealing with kilo meter 2 to kilo meter 45 where they were filling in areas and installing culvets. 

He also disclosed that despite having been sub-contracted to work on the road by the former contractor Fratellic Locci, there was no connection between the former Contractor and Copperfields in the new contract..