-Explain PF success, Minister urges party members

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Chinsali Central Member of Parliament Christopher Mulenga has advised

Patriotic Front (PF) members in Kabompo to explain to the people the work that government was doing to improve their living conditions.

Meanwhile,  PF Kabompo district youth secretary Collins Shatewa has bemoaned the
appointment of opposition Members of Parliament as deputy ministers saying the party in the area want it to run by the PF who fought hard and laboured to be elected into office.

And Mr Mulenga said the PF government
under the leadership of President Michael Sata was implementing several
developmental programmes aimed at addressing the needs of people in the

Mr Mulenga cited the link Zambia 8000
project and the creation of new districts as some of the good programmes
government had embarked on but people on the ground were not aware of.

He said this in Kabompo today when he
met with the PF members from the district.

Mr Mulenga said once the people of
kabompo realised the benefits from the programmes government was setting up
they would rally behind state.

He stated that the people of Kabompo
district in North Western Province had for a long time been neglected by
previous regimes but now that the PF was in power most of their challenges of
transport and accommodation would be a thing of the past.

Mr Mulenga who is also deputy minister
of health said once the decentralisation policy of the PF comes into fruition
with the creation of new districts a lot of development would be scored in most
rural areas including kabompo.

He said the people of kabompo would be
provided with jobs, roads, schools, and hospitals among other benefits with the
creation of districts.

And the PF Kabompo district youth
secretary Collins Shatewa has called on government to declare kabompo the new
provincial capital of north western as it is more centrally located.

Mr Shatewa said the move would go a
long way in bringing services closer to the people and in turn improve their
living conditions.