Subjects ask their chief to visit them

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———–Villagers of headman Situmbeko in Mungule’s chiefdom in Central Province have asked chieftainess Mungule to set aside time and tour her chiefdom.

Titus Kaale told ZANIS that tours by the traditional ruler in her chiefdom would help her get first-hand information about issues affecting her subjects that require attention of her office.

Mr Kaale said while he appreciates the current reporting systems to the chief by headmen and traditional council members, the chief herself should take time to visit her subjects periodically.

He observed that traditional rulers have a bigger role to play in encouraging their subjects to work hard in food production and in basic requirements of hygiene.

“There are some villagers that do not have toilets; others do not just keep their surrounding clean; some need encouragement in food production. So I feel the chief herself can one time or another go round her chiefdom just to see how her subjects are living,’ he said.

He added that this will also help her get information about land and see for herself how land in her area is being distributed.

Mr Kaale further said the visits by the chieftainess in her chiefdom would also be a chance for some subjects to interact with their traditional ruler once in a while.