PF has eaten up MMD dead – VEEP Scott

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Vice President Guy Scott says the Patriotic Front (PF) has eaten up the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) to a point that the former ruling party is virtually dead.


And Dr Scott has appealed to the people of Lukulu district to vote for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Eileen Imbae in the April 23 Lukulu parliamentary by elections.


“ Their (MMD )  failure to field a candidate in the Lukulu and Kapiri Mposhi by elections is proof enough that the MMD is heading for extinction, “ said Dr Scott.


ZANIS reports The Vice President said this yesterday when he addressed scores of people at a rally to drum up support for Ms Imbae in the newly created Mitete district in Western Province.


Dr Scott said the dream and hopes of the PF where the same as that of the MMD at its conception but that the difference was the people who were implementing those dreams.


 He said MMD leaders forgot about the people they promised to serve and became corrupt and selfish adding that they got more interested in amassing wealthy for themselves at the expense of the people.


Dr Scott urged MMD members to ditch the former ruling party and join the PF which he said is a vibrant and action oriented party.


And Dr Scott said the PF Government is creating new districts in the country in order to take development as closer to the people as possible.


He said the creation of Mitete district will result in the construction of between 230 to 250 houses for civil servants in the area.


The Vice President also promised to install a telecommunications mast in Mitete district so people can be communicating saying they cannot be a district without telecommunication network.


He also pledged Government’s commitment to construct the Kaoma Lukulu road via Mitete which is under the Link Zambia 8000 project, adding that Government will in the maintain bring a pontoon  to connect the district to other surrounding areas.


Dr Scott said the PF Government is also enhancing border controls in order to control cattle disease which is an impossible undertaking if border posts remain porous.


Speaking earlier, Community Development Mother and Child Health Deputy Minister Jean Kapata said Mitete district will benefit eight rural health centers of the 600 health posts Government intends to construct countrywide.


Ms Kapata said Mitete district has remained underdeveloped in the last 48 years because the MMD Government failed to deliver development to the area.


She said it has only taken the PF Government one and half years to upgrade the area to district standard saying as a result a big hospital, high school, police post and many other infrastructure will be constructed in the area.


And PF campaign manager for the Lukulu by elections Nathaniel Mubukwanu urged the people of Lukulu district to vote for Ms Imbae who he described as a reasonable woman who will work tirelessly to ensure that people’s lives are improved.


Mr. Mubukwanu said the people of Lukulu and Mitete should vote for the ruling party candidate if they want to see meaningful development to take place in the area.


And Gender Minister Inonge Wina said the opposition are inciting citizens to challenge the PF Government over governance issues because they want to keep the people of Zambia in captivity.


She said the captivity that the opposition want to keep the people of Zambia in is underdevelopment and poverty which she said is the only thing the opposition know how to do best while they are busy amassing wealthy for themselves.


She warned the people of Mitete not to listen to opposition leaders as they only want to use the people of Zambia to their own benefit.


Mrs. Wina also urged women in Mitete district to form clubs in order to access women empowerment funds under her district and improve their living standards.


PF Deputy Secretary General Bridget Atanga urged voters to shun parties that only had tribal and regional inclinations saying there is need to promote unity in the country.


Mrs. Atanga said the PF Government was made up of members from different races and tribes, which she said makes the ruling party unique and attractive.


And Ms Imbae pledged to take development to Mitete once voted into office, saying she will leave no stone unturned to ensure people’s living standards in the area were uplifted.