– Assemblies of God backs President Sata’s Easter message

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The church says President Sata’s Easter Holiday message needs to be supported by all citizens as it is not only timely but it also provides the nation an opportunity for deeper reflection.


Assemblies of God in Zambia (AoGZ) General Secretary Charles Mwape say he is optimistic that Zambians in general and the political leaders in the country would see reconciliation after the Easter holiday.


ZANIS reports that the AoGZ General Secretary said this in a press statement, in Lusaka, today.


Dr. Mwape said that all Zambians should come together and put the interest of the country first irrespective of their political affiliation and work with the government of the day for the development in the country.


“As a church, we believe that this period will bring all Zambians together that we put the interest of Zambia first and work with the PF government to spearhead development which we so much need,” Dr. Mwape said.


On the eve of Easter holiday, President Michael Sata urged Zambians to celebrate Easter responsibly and remember the plight of the less fortunate of our society. In his Easter message, the President described Easter as an important feast on the Christian calendar.


“As we celebrate Easter, we should do so responsibly and be mindful of those less fortunate than ourselves.


“  Easter should be a time of good will and expression of unconditional love to one another. Let us love each other. This is the greatest teaching that Jesus left us,” President Sata said.


President Sata reminded leaders to have love for everyone as that would help to keep the promises they make to the people and also help Government in stirring the country forward