New ambulances procured for Thompson Hospital in Luanshya

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Government  has procured four ambulances worth KR 300, 000 for Luanshya district.

And Luanshya Members of Parliament initiatives  have resulted in the construction of a new modern Laboratory at Thompson Hospital at a cost of KR300, 000.

Minister of Health, Mother and Child Development Dr Joseph Kasonde presented the ambulances to Thompson Hospital in Luanshya yesterday.

Dr Kasonde said the health sector can no longer ignore the need to improve and restore public confidence in health services in the country .

“There has been an increase in the demand for health services throughout the country since the Patriotic Front Government abolished user fees for all primary health services,” he said.

Dr Kasonde said government is putting efforts to address the challenges of infrastructure and transport in the health sector.

He said the donation received will help in the improvement of transport for patients during emergencies and will also make the work of the health workers easier.

He said from the time the old ambulance broke down, patients’ relatives have been forced to look for their own transport to take the sick to the hospitals while many have lost lives.

“It is sad that relatives who could not afford their own transport to take the sick to the hospital have lost their loved ones, many more lives have been lost since the old ambulance broke down,” Dr Kasonde said.

Government allocated KR610, 000 on health related projects in Luanshya constituency using the 2012 Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

The CDF has been used among others in the expansion of the new town clinic, construction of Misaka clinic and rehabilitation of Mkikomfwa health centre.