Public service lending institution welcomed in Namwala

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————-Agriculture Technical and Professional Staff Union of Zambia (ATPSUZ) Namwala Branch welcomes government’s decision to register a Public Service Micro-Finance Institution which will lend at 5 per cent to public service workers.


In an interview with ZANIS in Namwala, ATPSUZ Branch Secretary, Valentine Kilubi, said the move is good in that it will enable public service workers lend money to do different projects such as building of houses at an affordable percentage.


Mr Kilubi said noted that some micro lending institutions had been exploiting public service workers and the new micro lending institution will greatly help the public service workers.


Recently Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda, announced the formation of the Public Service Micro Finance Institution.


And the ATPSUZ Namwala Branch Secretary has also welcomed the current plans to harmonize salaries for civil servants in the negotiations of conditions of service.


Mr Kilubi said this will enable civil servants to be motivated because there will be no salary discrepancies among staff with similar qualifications from one ministry to another.