Govt. happy with Ndola Energy Company construction works

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Govt. happy with Ndola Energy Company construction works


Ndola, March 26, 2013, ZANIS  — Energy Deputy Minister Charles Zulu has expressed happiness at the progress of works made so far with the construction of Ndola Energy Company in Ndola.


Mr Zulu who undertook a tour of the new electricity plant said the plant had been constructed at the time when Zambia was economically expanding and electricity consumption had increased.


The minister  said his office was also impressed with the safety measures the company has put in place during the construction phase. He said the company was ready and commissioning carried out soon.


He reiterated that government will continue engaging the private sector in addressing the problems energy shortages in the country.


“  It is the intention of government to start exporting energy so that more income is raised and not just increase tariffs for ordinary customers as the country was strategically placed in the region, “ he said.


And project manager David Carroll said the company is expected to start connecting power to the national grid in June.


He said the company will however start receiving materials such as water and fuel from Indeni in May.


He said 75 % of the works have so far been done and completion will be very soon. He said once the company is in full operation the benefits will be many and translate to more power been supplied to customers in the country.


The rehabilitation of the bitumen plant at Indeni Oil Refinery plant in Ndola is expected to be completed in December this year.


Indeni Managing Director Maybin Noole said works so far were progressing and that an estimated US$20 million was budgeted for to have the plant which was abandoned eight years ago revamped.


Once the bitumen plant is operational, 40 tonnes of bitumen will be produced per day and is expected to employ 15 people.


And Mr. Zulu described the opening of the plant as positive development which will reduce the cost of constructing roads in the country.


He said Zambia was currently importing bitumen which has made road construction expensive.


Mr Zulu said with the 8000 link Zambia road project, the plant will go a long way in ensuring that road materials are cheaper and readily available in the country.


He said his office was also pleased that TAZAMA Oil Pipeline was ready for the drumming of the bitumen after been processed at Indeni.