PF govt has delivered – Hapunda

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— Southern Province Patriotic Front (PF)  Political Secretary Brian Hapunda says that the ruling party has scored a lot of successes since it came in to power in September 2011.

Mr. Hapundu says that some of the successes the PF Government has scored are in the areas empowering the public service workers in the country be setting up a micro finance institution with five percent interest.

He said this in an interview with ZANIS over the weekend in Livingstone.

Government recently announced its establishment of a micro finance company that will be giving out loans to public service workers at a lower interest rate than commercial banks.

Finance and National Planning minister Alexander Chinkwanta who announced the development said the move would protect vulnerable

In addition, the PF administration has put in place a deliberate road programme such as the Pave Zambia and Link Zambia 8000 project which all fall under the PF manifesto for improved rioad network across the country.

However, Mr Hapundu lashed out at losing campaign manager for the United Party for National Development’s (UPND) in the just Livingstone by election Gary Nkombo’s comment that PF has scored a D minus in governing the  country.

Mr Hapunda said that the comments of the law maker were unfounded and were a sign of bitterness of losing the Livingstone by election.

He said all the allegations by Mazabuka MP were unfounded and were made out bitterness and frustration.

Mr Hapunda said that the PF government was not desperate and  was not poaching the MPs that are joining government as it is a means of fostering development .

And according to cross fire blog radio monitored in Livingstone Mazubuka MP alleged that
 that 70% of stakeholders in Living Stone bye election were incarcerated.

“If we do a checklist of what PF promised and what they have achieved , it’s not a lot,  to dislodge a ruling Party in election, a consolidated opposition is needed. If PF wanted to work hard they
should stop poaching MPs", Mr Nkombo said

He said that MMD recorded a bumper harvest because they had a good agricultural policy.