Maamba Collieries invests US$750 m into thermal energy production

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Maamba Collieries Limited has invested about US$ 750 million into the construction of a 300 Mega Watts coal thermal power plant in Sinazongwe district in Southern Province.

Maamba Collieries Limited Electrical Engineer Venkateswar Rao disclosed that the construction of a 300 Mega Watts coal power plant will be done in two phases.

Mr. Rao said the first phase of 150 Mega Watts will be commission in September 2014 while the second one will be done in December the same year.

He said his company will use green technology which he said was the latest in order to remain pollutant free.

He further said construction works at the plant were progressing well and have reached an advanced stage.

This came to light when Mr. Rao made a presentation to the engineering students at the University of Zambia today.

And Maamba Collieries Human Resource Manager Suzyo Phiri has urged the engineering students to take keen interest in the project stating that her firm will soon be recruiting 85 graduate engineers.

Mrs. Phiri said the recruited graduates will undergo intensive training both onsite and offsite in order for them to run the power plant when it is commissioned.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Machinery Design Assistant Dean (technical) Joseph Chileshe also encouraged students to seize the opportunity that has been provided by the mining company.

Dr. Chileshe urged students to perfect their skills through the training opportunity offered by Maamba Collieries and not rush into money making.

He said it was fortunate that an organisation such as Maamba Collieries can offer students such an opportunity when other organisations that only will use for their gain.