Workers urged to study PF manifesto

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—-The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) in Muchinga Province has urged workers and other labour unions in the country to consider studying the PF manifesto widely so as to effectively implement Government policies.

ZCTU regional coordinator for Muchinga Province, Nondo Kasanda, made the appeal this during Labour Day unions meeting held at the council chamber yesterday.

Mr Kasanda noted that many workers have found it difficult to adapt to new government policies in the area, saying this is so because most of them do not take time to read and understand the contents of the PF manifesto.

Mr Kasanda further said that there are so many simple things which most of workers are failing to understand like the phasing out of basic schools in the country.

He said that these are some of the beneficial policies that people need to easily adapt to for easy implementation of government policies.

The union leader further observed that it is so surprising that some workers have become allergic to this kind of change in the area.

He added that this is all because most of the workers do not read the manifesto widely so as to help them in the implementation of Government policies.

Mr Kasanda observed that workers are likely to face big challenges if they fail to implement the PF policies in their respective departments.