Sioma Council receives boost

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Government has released KR200 million for construction of a civic centre in Sioma district.

The project funds also includes construction of 20 staff houses.

Speaking when he met civil servants in Sioma district , opposition UPND Sinjembel Member of Parliament Poniso Njeula said the construction of a civic center will add beauty to the district, create office accommodation and help avert housing challenges in the district.

Mr. Njeulu who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister called for the prudent utilization of the funds as government is in a hurry to create development in rural districts across the country.

He said that the construction project will also create jobs and lessen poverty levels among local people in the district.

Meanwhile, Shangombo district council director of works and construction, Lishovi Nosiku said the council is making progress in the KR400 million land developments of 2000 commercial and residential plots in the area.

Mr. Nosiku disclosed that surveyors are already on site planning access roads in the residential unit.

He said the housing project will include access roads, low cost and high cost houses to avert housing challenges in the district.

He noted that Shangombo has for a long time been faced with a shortage of accommodation which has affected government workers in the district.