Chief Tafuna calls for investment in agriculture

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—Deputy Senior Chief Tafuna of the Lungu people of Mpulungu has called for serious investment in the agricultural sector in Mpulungu district.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Deputy Senior Chief Tafuna said there was a lot of undeveloped land which could be used for agricultural practices in the area.

The chief advised the people of Mpulungu to diversify from fishing in order to reduce pressure on Lake Tanganyika and conserve the depleting fish stocks.

‘’With the depleting fish stocks in the lake it is high time people realized the danger of depending on fish alone and changed to agriculture as their mainstay,’’ said Chief Tafuna.

He said he was prepared to grant land concessions to local investors who were willing to get into the agricultural sector.

On administration, Deputy Senior Chief Tafuna said Lungu land has been ‘sleeping’ for over 32 years due to lack of formidable leadership.

He noted that because of poor leadership, the area had also lagged behind in development.

Chief Tafuna also called for hard work and discipline among his subjects, adding that he would deal sternly with laziness.

He said Lungu land also had abundant natural resources and advised investors to work with government and explore the area’s potential and ensure job creation and employment.

‘’We want investors to come and look at the tourism, fishing, agricultural and manufacturing potential this area has to offer because all the raw materials are here, ‘’ observed Chief Tafuna.

On the rampant reported cases of HIVand AIDS and early marriages in his chiefdom, Chief Tafuna said the two vices would be fought tenaciously.

He said since he took up leadership, he had exposed and reported many cases of early marriages and child abuse to the department of social welfare and the police for action.

‘’We will not condone child abuse and exploitation and we are also emphasizing the importance of education, especially for the girl child because we know that when our people are educated, most of these poverty-related problems we are currently facing will be a thing of the past,’’ he said.

He said children needed special attention and protection.

Chief Tafuna also revealed that to preserve the cultural heritage of the people of Mpulungu, the Lungu Royal Establishment would soon revamp the Walamo Traditional Ceremony.

He also appealed to government to speed up the construction of his palace and the provision of transport.