ZANASU Is dead says UNZASU


UNIVERSITY of Zambia Student’s union Secretary general says the Zambia
association student union is died.
UNZASU secretary general Sishekanu Mwauluka said ZANASU has died a
natural death and that there is need for it to be revived.
“ZANASU has died a natural death and it is only prudent that it is
revamped because it is the mother body of all higher learning
institutions,” Mwauluka said.
He further said that it is unfair for the media to attribute the
former UNZASU president as president.
“It is not fair that the largest higher learning institution in Zambia
is being put in bad light, because media is reporting that UNZASU
president has been arrested when the position is vacant, as far as am
concerned Ali Tunkara is longer the president because he was expelled
on March, land he automatically lost his position,” Mwauluka said.
He said he will tomorrow go and clear the air through the media as
many people have been made to believe that Tunkara is still President
for UNZASU when he is not.