–PS Sinyangwe calls for national research agenda

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PS Sinyangwe calls for national research agenda

Kabwe Mar 21/13, ZANIS —————— Government says it is

important to consider and develop a national research agenda so as to

rationalize resources allocation in the application of science and



This will enable  Zambia derive value out of the application of

science and technology.


Central province permanent secretary Annie Sinyangwe observed in Kabwe

today that to be able to develop a national research agenda that will

address that actual needs of the country, there is need to carefully

identify the research needs and prioritize them in order to enhance

the science and technology sector’s contribution to economic development

and social well-being of the nation.


Mrs. Sinyangwe said this in a speech read on her behalf by Kabwe

district commissioner Patrick Chishala at Taskers hotel during the

official opening of a two day national research agenda consultative

workshop organized by the national science and technology council.


Mrs. Sinyangwe challenged science and technology sector to show what

technologies they have developed to add value to the agricultural and

mining products especially by the small scale producers and what

research activities taken  to address environmental pollution from the



Mrs. Sinyangwe said if most questions would be answered, the nation

would be propelled forward as the structure of the economy would

change from that of a predominantly primary commodity producer to one

dominated by manufacturing and value addition to raw materials.


She observed that the structural shifts would be necessitated by the

growth in value addition to primary commodities rather than exporting

raw materials.


“I expect that valuable information which will take into an account

our provincial needs in science and technology will be generated at

the end of this workshop which has come at an opportune time,’ She



She added that government appreciates  the importance of planning in

all the development efforts and emphasized that development planning

is essential in providing clear definitions and articulations of

national, provincial and district priorities for government actions

and in the allocation of public resources.


“This planning process is thus essential as we endeavor to transform

the country into a prosperous middle income nation. Our brand of

development planning must make a break with the past and go beyond

mere statements,’ she said.


Mrs. Sinyangwe further said government was happy that the science and

technology sector is taking the route of identifying provincial

priorities upon which the national research agenda will be anchored.


She indicated that government’s vision concerning scientific research

and technological development, is to have a strong and a

well co-ordinated research and development community that contributes

to the broad national goals through the use of both home grown and

imported technologies leading to wealth creation and improved quality

of life for all.